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​The Turkey Roost started in 1955.  The first owner of twelve years Clayton Kitchen bought an abandoned hamburger hut.  There he started his own restaurant, the  "Turkey Roost" located on the only northern route at that time (M-13). 

Mr. Kitchen crafted the idea of serving only turkey after visiting his brother-in-law’s full menu restaurant in New York.  Mr. Kitchen believed that by limiting his menu, he could master the best taste, keep the customer cost down, and serve it quickly helping tourist get to their destination faster. 

The second owners in 1968 were Ron Craven and Jane Stuck. They continued the mission of serving Turkey at the “pink place”.  During these years customers remember the “live turkeys” penned in front of the restaurant.

Live Turkeys

Owner Todd Ballor

​Todd Ballor, third owner, fell in love with the restaurant while working there as a bus boy during his high school years. He became the proud owner in 1995. Tradition is important to Mr. Ballor. He has been focused maintaining good, healthy, home cooked meals served fast and affordable.

The pink color of the building was chosen because travelers couldn't remember the name. From generation to generation "Thanksgiving Everyday" is a tradition passed on.

Even a devastating fire could not keep the restaurant down; rebounding in 6 weeks.


The restaurant also closes for a brief time over Christmas to deep clean, renovate, and give dedicated employees time with their families. 

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